My husband and I live in the Comox Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island.

We have a fur-baby, a Shih Tzu named Xia-Li.  Her name means “a bright, rosy sunrise.” How appropriate since she is, after all, a brand new day for us.

Pete and I love to work together in our garden and one of our favorite things is to pack a lunch and head off to one of the many beaches in our back yard.  Together, we snoop through old book stores–Pete in the War/Military section and me in the Literature section.

My hubby is a retired Air Force Firefighter.  He loves golf, hockey, and is, no matter what, and against all odds, a faithful Leafs fan.  These days, he enjoys a quiet life with me and our Shih Tzu Overlord.

I hold a Master of Arts in Integrated Studies with a Focus in Literary Studies from Athabasca University. I also have a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Liberal Studies from Vancouver Island University, an Associate of Arts degree from North Island College, and a ESL Teaching Certificate from ITTT TEFL International.  Yet, I have not the slightest idea anymore what I will do with all this gosh-darn book learning.  I guess Peter and I will be good as long as we have a place to plant our tomatoes.

But life is a strange, funny thing–anything can and does happen…

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