Orwell, Hatred, and Fear

Well, I’ve done all I can do with Huxley, and I’m off to the land of Orwell’s “1984”.  I am leaving a world where one is punished by being sent to live as he chooses on a tropical island paradise in the South Pacific, to a world where people are strapped to tables and tortured for days on end.  Disturbing.  I would rather spend a year on one of Huxley’s free islands than one day in Orwell’s London.  It’s so psychological, and that is how I’m going to approach it.  Winston lives as two people–what he is on the inside and what he is on the outside.  Even the arrest and torture he endures is mostly psychological torture.  Two plus two equals five, which in the end, he believes. 

I would like to examine the psychology of hatred and fear.  Because this book has LOTS of that.


Author: Linda

I am a writer, poet, blogger, calligrapher, chef, and morning shower songstress. I am wife, best buddy, and partner in crime to Peter. Together, Peter and I are enslaved to a small yet fierce Shih Tzu Overlord.

2 thoughts on “Orwell, Hatred, and Fear”

  1. The characters in “1984” need their heads examined! Lol. So, that’s what I’ll be doing in this section. I think I’ll start with all the major disturbances, like psychopathy. Kind of fits the O’Brien character. I wonder how much of the characters are actually nestled inside of Orwell? Gadzooks!


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